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How much coverage do I need?
If you are an employed family income breadwinner with minor children, financial planners suggest carrying a minimum of ten times your annual income. If you are a non-working caregiver at home with minor children, we suggest at least $150,000. If you are an adult looking for burial coverage only, we suggest $5,000 to $25,000.
Why does the life insurance company need to know your actual weight?
Weight (with clothes on) is a key rating factor with all life insurance companies. Please give an honest answer here so that you can receive accurate rate quotes. And keep in mind that the paramed examiner who visits you will be carrying a portable scale, so be honest here.
Why do life insurers ask about this?
Nicotine use of any kind, as well as marijuana use, is looked at very closely by all life insurers. Smoking, chewing, inhaling in a vaporized form, consuming in edible products, or wearing a patch on the skin - all constitute use of these products. Non-admittance of marijuana use can result in a decline. Sources of information the insurer may use include: statements made on your application, telephone interviews, your paramed exam results (if one is required), your outside medical records and your Medical Information Bureau (MIB) profile. If you currently use marijuana AND any product containing tobacco or nicotine, please select the response that most closely describes your tobacco or nicotine use. Always be 100% honest when you answer tobacco use questions to ensure accurate quotes. Remember, a false statement on an application for insurance could void your coverage.
For ages under 18 years, maximum Coverage Amount available is $75,000.